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Another yield from looking into the Sun with Chris Chafe was the Sonosonys concert at BAMPFA Full on June 9, 2017. The composition is based on images of the Sun collected by the SOHO satellite, which is perched at the gravitational equilibrium between Earth and Sun. The music is based on the optical appearance of sun spots and on radiamce of the Sun. John Granzow and Chafe also played an encore after this composition, of which video will be uploaded here soon. To play with the spinning sun, load

Chris Chafe playing Cello in front of an image of the Sun

Etok Projection

What does the world look like from the inside out? After a couple of trials, Berkeley undergrad researcher Christine Zheng and Greg Niemeyer settled on a VR rendering of Earth with an inverse image map of the globe mapped on the inside of a globe, not the typical outside. Surprisingly, everything is where you'd expect it to be, and any global data can be mapped on top while keeping spatial relations intact. We have sample data in the video demo below, and we're about to visualize cyberattacks across the globe. The video is a screen capture from the Samsung Gear VR device.


gif animations are the street art of the internet and the twitchings of our collective subconsious. stores such gif animations in the millions so that future generations won't miss a single frame of the history of human consciousness as it emerged on the backlit glow of the browser nation. gifCollider, A public show of Niemeyer's attempt to digest this history ran from Oct. 25 to Oct. 28, 2016, at BAMPFA. The project is a collaboration with Olya Dubatova, Brewster Kahle, and many others. It now continues at the Magnes Museum for Jewish Art and Life exhibition "The Power of Attention" , Berkeley CA, with "Night Vision", a version of gifCollider based on Zechariah 4.1. It will be on display through 2017.

Click above to see and hear gifCollider Chapter 06, with music by Paz Lenchantin.

A Day In the Sun

Our star, the sun, rotates around its own axis in a cycle of about 27 days. This rotation produces solar weather. What does it sound like? Together with Carrillon rock star Tiffany Ng and Chris Chafe, Niemeyer created an interactive sonification of A Day in the Sun for the University of Michigan from this data. Click the solar bells in time to play the composition alone, together, or in sync with a Carillon.

Tsar Bell

The largest bell in the world, the Russian Tsar Bell of 1732, cracked before it ever rang. But what would it have sounded like?


Working with DJ Spooky is always exciting, but even more so if we produce a new work for a museum. For ZKM, we are making a portrait of Alan Turing's Morphogenesis theory, which essentially describes how complex forms emerge from simple rules, especially waves colliding. Load the project website here: The opening was on May 3, 2017 at Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe, and we are planning to release a supraliminal web app in the Fall of 2017.

State Change

I've been researching ways in which natives and scientists cope with change, and now I am looking forward to share photographs, data visualizations and immersive media about the impact of the thawing permafrost on soil and soul in Barrow, AK. The first full talk was on Dec 9, 2016 at B01 Gates Hall, Stanford. Slides of this talk are linked here and a full video is shared below.

The northernmost town in the United States, Barrow is home to about 8000 people, predominantly the Iñupiat tribe, contractors and arctic researchers. What ideas and media do Iñupiat and Scientists have in place to communicate the uncertainties and dynamics of climate change, and how can these ideas be leveraged for a broader understanding of climate change?

To Each Times their Means

collage of 1936 radio propaganda poster with 2016 cell phone showing a large crowd of people gathering around a monumental phone

Spectacle fuels the Trump Era, because spectacle fuels Trump. To balance the spectacle, Niemeyer proposes, we must not lean into opposition spectacle, but keep calm and maintain a civil discourse. Civil discourse is based on mutual respect, admiration, and honesty. Instead of curating ourselves into ideological silos, we need to build cultures and tools which allow us to feel safe being our true selves, even in the context of political contest. Once we have our feet on the ground mentally, some new and old tools for online communication can help us maintain that space of civil discourse. Here's a link to the full pdf text.


supraliminal is a project in development with DJ Spooky about things so vast, they are beyond the scope of perception. An example is the constant expansion of the universe. An audiovisual portrait of the Expansion makes the topic more approachable and serves as the beginning of further explorations.


Chris Chafe, Composer, Director, CCRMA

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky, Producer, artist, author and DJ

Monica Lam, Senior Producer, KQED