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Tsar Bell

The largest bell in the world, the Russian Tsar Bell of 1732, cracked before it ever rang. But what would it have sounded like?


gif animations are the street art of the internet and the twitchings of our collective subconsious. stores such gif animations in the millions so that future generations won't miss a single frame of the history of human consciousness as it emerged on the backlit glow of the browser nation. A public show of Niemeyer's attempt to digest this history runs from Oct. 25 to Oct. 28, 2016, at BAMPFA. Don't miss a bit. The project is a collaboration with Olya Dubatova, Brewster Kahle, and many others.

A Day In the Sun

Our star, the sun, rotates around its own axis in a cycle of 27 days. This rotation produces solar weather. What does it sound like? Together with Carrillon rock star Tiffany Ng and Chris Chafe, Niemeyer created an interactive sonification of A Day in the Sun at from this data. Click the solar bells in time to play the composition alone, together, or in sync with a Carillon.